One year went by in such a rush

Countless hours of listening to instant crush

The dirty dingy mess of a room

All reminds me of you


The endless cycle of crush and roll

Left in the hostel a gaping hole

Tra and tri, words to live by

The guy with an infectious smile


The disco light gathers dust now

Waiting to adorn another room

Even 124 has become boring

Without you


Gaming with you while life sped fast by us

Sometimes slower in an endless loop

Damn, where did you go Datta

The glue of our group


The man who could eat anything, For food he was never shy,

It’s not weird that he would eat raw coffee,

The guy was epic, calm, peaceful,

And forever high


Conversations are incomplete without your epiphanies

36th, 37th order and the kaenchi, cuts me like a knife

An annoyed chavan and the home of 3 rats,

That’s the Datta way of life

Anish Ghatak

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I wish at last!

I wish to go back,
Back to the store,
Pick out another dress,
Dance some more,
I wish to have another bite,
Of the ice cream I used to like,
I wish much more than I can have,
I wish, I wish, I wish at last!

Forever I have kept my heart hidden,
For smiles of people I love,
For once I wanna be, set free,
And fly across like the dancer,
I used to be!

Before a family, before a life,
Before I became someone’s wife,
The times of innocence I sorely miss,
The warmth of his hands, my father’s kiss,
Stories told by mom and Gramps,
Kneading glue within my hands,
Watching it stick as I pull apart,
Was I the finger or the glue from start?

I draw the life I wish I had
The life, where I had the world!
Im in love with a memory of me
The memory of when I was a girl!

Now I live for you my son,
But you can’t remember my eyes,
You live for a game, you live for a lie,
Can you even remember my smile?

~ Warrace

Crying Seagulls

An unrest is brewing, every crack shines on
A traveler parched, perched on the sand,
A messiah farce-d, breathed in stone
A man wakes to show you the way,
And crying seagulls call you out today

Crumbles and crumbs of a cookie,
Once crumbled, can speak naught now,
Call upon the drum-roll of the eyes of the siren,
Call upon the lust and pain of dead men,
The man who turned orange into a symbol,
Fades down into dust of what could have been.

An island that swore against the sea,
A hand that fed, got bitten terribly,
The darkest parts of the land unknown,
Broken, mercilessly

Find me that old stump, where sat the wise,
The one who said we shall fall,
on our own device
Find me an aura that’s white as snow,
Un-mucked and unblemished as we all know,
Ti’s does not exist yet she lives on
Singing the same seagull song.

I’ll fly on as the nation changes beneath me,
I’ll fly higher to escape the depravity,
I know there’s no mercy left within,
For a twist that came and had broken in,
Barricaded humanity has no escape,
This is what’s known to be their fate

Lucky me for I have wings to fly,
Lucky me to have the will to survive,
Others not so lucky for they stand tall,
Limited by the ground and the gravity of all,
I’ll fly away and forget my song,
The ones who remain shall sing along.


Two Wives

I sing a lullaby to me, for I do not sleep
Tunes unheard by anyone but me,
For I do not sleep.

Glazed eyes open in my mind, swirling everything away,
Miles more to go and I sit, gambling all today,
The end shall be tough, tis no time to weep,
I sing a lullaby for me, for I do not sleep.

I had a home, two kids to call my own,
A dog, white picket and all else with the dream,
The life was good, had I even known,
That’ll I’ll end up, hearing myself scream.

I had two wives, one human, one vice,
One nagged me day and night,
The other was much nice,
One burdened me while I whiled away,
The other looked at me, begging me to stay.

I’m a man, so I made my pick,
I listened to my heart, that stupid prick,
I went to the vice, and the cards were dealt,
My wife left me, and my world began to melt.

Happiness is known when it’s truly gone,
This I learnt as I slept on the lawn,
Whilst she locked me out, the vice asked me to come,
Sadly I had nothing left, to give to the other one.

Now I sit, with a glass and a tune,
My old life seems a memory,
Inscribed on a rune,
Cards on the table as the vice urges me to play,
Miles more to go, yet I sit,
Gambling it all away.

Lore of Letters

Hold on little one, your time has just begun,

The first flight takes time, it happens under the sun

The wind comes in rounds, don’t let it slip

Bide your time, don’t shoot from the hip


Wind favours the clouds, no matter how much you shout,

Move like a fern, let it blow over, they say!

“Nay, I’ll be the teak in this neck of the woods

I won’t roll over and play”


You broke your toys and stormed the grass

You jumped up the high branch and fell on your arse

What will you prove to the authority of this hill?

Why not just go back & relax, take a pill!!


The man has the letter and he’ll hand it soon,

Grasp it when your hands open, in time

Don’t stuff your finger in every crack

Something unholy might bite back


The dawn isn’t far, let the clouds breeze the night,

Many letters smoulder, burning your heart,

Sharpen your axe and tend to that fire

When dawn comes, you shall definitely sire

A better life at the end of the woods


Ballads: Poem 1

You can close your eyes,
I’ll still be here, next to you
You can put your head, on my chest,
I’ll still be here, looking at you

Looking at how the scent of your hair,
Masks with your breath, as I run my hand,
Through them, smiling at my fortune,
Whilst you waft off to dreams unknown

You’re scared that I’ll leave,
You stand guard at your heart,
like a sentry,
Dear,believe me, when you wake up,
The bed won’t be empty, at all



The streets follow me around,
Like a tedious argument,
It doesn't end with a destination in mind,
or with a crossroad of choice

We work in vain, for the pain of success,
Leads less to the bed of roses and more to the agony of thorns
I'm not a pied piper, to make people follow my word
I'm just a man with no home in mind
Let others lead me to where their emotions don't follow behind

A drained rose, devoid of color,
A dried leaf nestled between pages,
Hundreds of visions and revisions,
And grief in stages and stages.
He remembers and keeps keepsakes,
Memoirs of sweet nothings turned bitter,
Whilst the swinger turns the heavy hitter

She's gone my friend, two months don't make,
You're more than what you bring to the take,
Dust up , brush down, toast till healthy brown,
At the end, bring that cheque,
Finally it'll be ready, your deck



Woke up to a dirty mirror ,
Hasn’t been wiped in a year,
Woke up to an unused mirror,
Hasn’t been seen in a year

Stained, cracked ,punched and stacked,
Hidden away ,dusty , musty and old,
A once shiny ,prerequisite to present ,
It’s a mirror ,nothing more could it represent

Used my finger, drew a heart from dust,
That lay upon the glass, like an ocean,
The glass in itself , stained with rust ,
Shiny no more , a valid notion

A year past, it was my favourite mirror,
It showed me truths and I accepted gladly,
A year later, it’s unused , covered with layers,
While I ask a new mirror for the truth, madly

Foundation Of Answers

The mirror is a reflection of us ,
It shows the truth in every form ,
why is the mirror a reflection of us ?
Why aren’t we , a reflection, of it ?

Many possibilities crowd over me ,
Like a mob , watching yet doing nothing ,
Pointing at me and making assumptions,
I reach , no hand reaches back , no contact
Just thin air and ignorance allow that .

Can love be loved by a lover ?
Can love be a feeling that has feelings ?
Time , the ultimate guvnor ,
Can he/she be measured in meanings ?

The sea is blue and so is sky ,
The cosmos is new and so am I
What is old may never die ,
What is young may never fly
A world we’ve built upon answers of questions,
That never mattered at all

Anger drives us , primal mode
Smiles drive is in other loads ,
We are machines yet we build robots
To show we are more evolved than before

Biology is a cloak , we hide behind again
We’re human , we have feelings
Created by us , they all have meanings
So if we created humans and almighty created us ,
Who created him? Discuss😀

Anish Ghatak


A post on a wall, transparent for all ,
Views posted like childs play ,
Meanings brought out,
we’ll draw blood today

A debate it starts , ends with a view
A true face i can put onto you ,
A phoenix of fire that you burn in your soul,
On social media you’ll be Dr. jekyll,
In reality, Mr. Hyde shall show

Lonely is the world devoid of emotion,
lust for logic begets more views of hate,
Slight strong language ensues anger between friends ,
It turns into a bloodbath, instead of an innocent debate

Tread carefully my love , this path is wretched to the core ,
A man looking for logic garners no respect,
His knowledge is useless, he’s a whore

To be shunned by society is a goal not forseen ,
Yet it happens , ever so often again,
Dont look for logic in keyboard warriors ,
They’ll drive you insane
They’ll drive you insane…

Anish Ghatak

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